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Radial honey extractor
Chordial honey extractor
Combined honey extractor
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Our production

The BeeStar-Technology production enterprise in its activity relies on a young professional team, extensive practical experience in the industry, which allows you to create reliable professional equipment, which is chosen by buyers in Ukraine and abroad. Choosing our products - you get products designed and tested by professional beekeepers in Ukraine and Europe.

The main advantages when using our equipment are:

  • Material - food grade stainless steel;
  • Quality control at all stages of production;
  • High-quality industrial automation;
  • Ease of care and durability;
  • High-precision technologies for safe and efficient operation;
  • Development of new products and its improvement Extended warranty period is 2 years.
  • For regular customers there is a discount on repeat purchases.
  • Choosing our products - you choose quality!

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Mykola Palazhchenko and I created BeeStar-Technology eight years ago, which started producing automatic honey extractors for Ukrainian beekeepers. How, as a beekeeper-practitioner, I used my experience and skills that reliably serve my clients and make their work more efficient. Analyzing the market and the demands of our customers, the BeeStar-Technology team creates new and improves existing equipment models so that each beekeeper can choose the best option for themselves.Constantly improving the quality and competitiveness of our products in 2021, the company was certified by the German certification body for systems and personnel TUV Thuringen e.V according to ISO 9001. We are constantly in creative search and improve our work for our customers.

Our advantages
10 years on the market
Own production
Optimal prices for all products
High quality products
Continuous updating of the range


30 July 2021
Дякуємо!!!! Отримали медогонку.
Приємний бонус що оперативно зробили доставочку
26 July 2021
Замовив і вже отримав медогонку комбіновану, якість нормальна. Але є один мінус, довго чекати, бо в наявності немає
20 July 2021
Замовив комбіновану медогонку на 48/6. Трохи очікував бо не було в наявності, але зробили раніше озвученого терміну. Якість на рівні 👍
Олег м.Ладижин
20 July 2021
Замовив сушильну шафу на 25 дек для сушіння ягід. Вже протестував сушивши шовковицю, задоволений на 4+ з 5.


05 November 2018
What kind of inventory does a beginner beekeeper need?
Even a beginner beekeeper understands that honey extractor is an indispensable tool.
05 November 2018
Receipt of seeds of honey plants
Even a beginner beekeeper understands that honey extractor is an indispensable tool.
Dear customer, quickly make your dreams come true with the BeeStar-Technology team!