About company

About company

BeeStar-Technology is a company engaged in the production, sale and export of equipment for the food industry and agriculture: the beekeeping industry.

The company's goal is to create, develop and manufacture products that meet international quality standards and meet customer requirements.

The company's mission is to increase the level of mechanization, reduce the share of manual labo

r and the manufacture of equipment that helps to facilitate and make the process of production of finished products for business owners.

Our values ​​are clarity, quality and decency in the work carried out by the management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001-25.



An important advantage when choosing to work with us is the following:

10 years on the market
Own production
Optimal prices for all products
High quality products
Continuous updating of the range

Contact, we will be happy to help you, with respect the staff of the company "BeeStar-Tecnology".